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Company Overview
China Medical & HealthCare Group Limited (“CMHG”, the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries the “Group) was publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in August 1991. In February 2016, the name of the Company (formerly known as COL Capital Limited) was changed to better reflect the Company’s new vision and future development strategies.

In accordance with the Company’s development strategy, CMHG is transitioning from an investment holding company into a leading investor and operator of integrated healthcare and eldercare services. Its main focus is on the investment, management and operations of healthcare and eldercare businesses, and the related property investment and development, in order to offer a convenient, accessible, value-added, and comprehensive spectrum of healthcare and eldercare services to customers in  the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) and Asia Pacific. The Group is also involved in businesses of securities trading and investment, and provision of financial services.

Currently, CMHG wholly owns Tongren Healthcare Industry Group Company Limited and controls 70% of the issued share of Aveo China (Holdings) Limited (“Aveo China”). Through these two subsidiary group companies, CMHG manages and operates the Nanjing Tongren Hospital, the Kunming Tongren Hospital, Aveo China’s Tide Health Campus, and other healthcare and eldercare related organizations in PRC. Today, CMHG has approximately 2,100 employees within its network, including its Hong Kong head office and its business operational headquarters in Shanghai, PRC.

The Group’s current healthcare and eldercare businesses are developing steadily and in accordance to its business strategy. Ongoing integration and optimization projects, including centralized management of HR, marketing, procurement, training, and IT platforms, will further increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the level of customer services. In addition, the Group is actively pursuing a series of collaboration projects with strategic partners in the region, to broaden the company’s business coverage and diversify business models, with the aim to become the leading regional integrated healthcare and eldercare network in PRC and Asia Pacific.

  • Healthcare
  • Well-established flagship hospitals in two cities in China
  • Nanjing Tongren Hospital
  • Kunming Tongren Hospital
  • Eldercare
  • Showcase retirement village in Shanghai
  • Tide Health Campus
  • Hong Kong Office
  • ● Listed company head office
  • Shanghai Office
  • ● Business operational headquarters